About me

A couple of years ago (I forget how many) my sister got married. My ex and I were to be ordinary guests. At the time, she was working for a local newspaper as a reporter. The paper had given her a camera to take photos as part of her job, a little Panasonic FZ series bridge camera. So, on the day, I decided for no apparent reason that I’d like to take some photos of the wedding. (I think what pushed me, was that there was no official wedding photographer on the day). That started it; I was hooked. I invested in a Nikon D5000 kit and started taking photos of almost anything I could. I was terrible. Someone once said that the first few thousand photos you take are the worst; with me it was the first 100 thousand – I’m sure of it. I fancied myself a photographer – I had the necessary gear, didn’t I? Ha! The first few years I did weddings for free, to gain experience. I even did the odd family shoot or portrait shoot for friends. Some photos were ok, most terrible. I joined photography pages on Facebook and started submitting photos for critique. It was horrible. My photos got ripped apart. I grew a thick skin in the process, trust me. I started changing my technique; both in the actual photo – taking process and in the way I edited. My photos got ripped apart less and less, always improving. Somewhere along the line I started Swan Photography, hoping to grow it into a viable hobby – business. It’s almost taken on a life of its own, growing slowly but steadily as I grew as a photographer and an artist. Today, I’m not even nearly as good as I’d like to be – but I’m getting there. For now, I’m enjoying the journey and trying not to think of the destination. What destination, you might ask? Well, the day I can quit my day job and concentrate on my photography while earning a living off it, I will have arrived. Or will I? The thing is, one is always learning. Always changing. Maybe there is no destination. Maybe it’s all about the journey. So, browse around; have a look. Maybe you can enjoy my journey with me.

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